"Now we rest"

We figured that it was impossible for any one person to have played more Destiny than our very own Robert Ramsey, who currently has images of his tough looking Titan tattooed to the insides of his eyelids so that they’re never apart. However, it turns out that it’s true, as American gaming god Mark Edward Neace Jr [Great name – Ed] has become the first person to reach Level 30 in Bungie’s sci-fi shooter.

This gives him some extraordinary stats, which you can peruse on his Bungie.net profile through here. According to a report on DestinyDB, the dedicated Exo Hunter has invested 107 hours into the game since it released a couple of weeks ago, with 13 of those hours being spent on the Vault of Glass raid that deployed recently. We’re resisting the temptation to type something incredibly snarky right now.

Impressively, this isn’t Neace’s only character – he also has a couple of Level 20 alter-egos, too. Of course, considering how rare good loot drops are in the title, one could argue that this accolade is down to luck more than anything else. We bet that our very own ShogunRok would have beaten him to the level cap if he could actually, y’know, find some high level gear. How close are you to Level 30? Let us know below.

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