You what, mate?

We’re not ones to get our noses out of joint over a little titillation, but this OneChanbara Z2: Chaos booth at the Tokyo Game Show is a little too ridiculous for even our occasionally vulgar tastes. Sure, the game may be all about scantily clad women offing the undead – but did D3Publisher really have to create a stand in which you view the action through the image of some poor woman’s breasts?

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We get that it’s probably just a bit of fun, but the idea is frankly so awful that we just had to post about it. Indeed, we can’t see anyone coming away from the game with a positive impression when they have to awkwardly crane their neck in order to even try it. Yes, it’s got a little more press attention than it would have otherwise – but when most of that’s scathing, we’re not convinced that the extra publicity's an entirely good thing.