Final Fantasy Type-0 is one of those all too common videogame enigmas. Originally released on the PlayStation Portable, it never made its way to western shores. However, the game lives on, and will be receiving a High Definition remake for the PlayStation 4. As a gentle reminder of this fact, Square Enix recently released this new trailer for the title, which includes some handy shots comparing the two versions.

What's more, the title is currently confirmed to be releasing in Europe and North America in March next year. Oh, and if you hadn't heard, every single copy of this reckless remaster will come bundled with a special demo for Final Fantasy XV. Which, Square Enix assures us, is a real game, that actually exists, and will be available for purchase in the future. To be honest, we're not convinced.

What do you make of this tasty new trailer? Are you more excited for the game itself, or the appetizing accoutrements that come packed with it? Let us know in the comments section below.