Ffs XV

You read that right, Final Fantasy XV finally has a new trailer fresh from the Tokyo Game Show. Featuring a typically mellow Noctis, the trailer shows off quite a bit, including glimpses of vast, seemingly open environments, combat, and, er, driving.

Whether or not you'll be able to control the car in the video isn't clear, but what we do know is that the royal lead character is being escorted away from his home via a sleek, roofless automobile. It goes without saying that the whole thing is shockingly pretty, but the icing on the cake is that you will indeed be able to play the game next year, thanks to a demo that'll come with Final Fantasy Type 0 HD.

Stick around after the footage is over, however, and you'll no doubt spy an Xbox One logo, which puts to rest any rumours that Final Fantasy XV could end up as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Are you happy to see Noctis' lovely locks again? Disappear for an entire year in the comments section below.