"Is there an easy mode?"

Were you one of the people harbouring concerns that Dark Souls spiritual successor Bloodborne would be too easy? Well, that fear can now be safely put to bed, as recent statements from Sony staffers suggest that the title will absolutely be living up to its perilous pedigree. As you may be aware, the game will be taking centre stage at the Tokyo Game Show in the weeks to come.

To drum up hype for this prestigious event, the game's producer Masaaki Tamagiwa tweeted his intentions to provide a prize for any show attendee who managed to successfully topple the boss at the end of title's demo. One of the firm's marketing managers quickly responded by divulging that not a single member of the game's sales team managed to beat the terrifying trial when it was being play-tested. Splutter.

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Does this news make you more or less excited for Bloodborne? Are you looking forward to another challenging adventure? Light a bonfire in the comments section below.

[source dualshockers.com]