Finish him

The first half of next year is looking to be utterly bonkers for fans of Sony's super system. The latest title to be added to the hefty handful of already confirmed games is bloodthirsty brawler Mortal Kombat X. Indeed, Warner Bros recently announced that it will be hitting consoles worldwide starting from 14th April.

The publisher's wording is frustratingly vague, so it's a little unclear exactly how this release schedule will break down. However, we're guessing there won't be too much variance from that initial date. Oh, and four-armed fan favourite Goro has been confirmed to be a preorder bonus, which will presumably be specific to a handful of stores. So, er, you can get excited about that too, if you so desire.

Will you be picking up Mortal Kombat X, or - like this writer - have you never been able to stomach its incorrectly spelled title? Lets us know in the comments section below.