Formula Fusion PS4

Sony may have shut down legendary WipEout developer Studio Liverpool, but that hasn’t stopped a number of new UK teams from rising out of the organisation’s ashes. One such outfit is R8 Games, which, rather than branch out and do something new, has decided to make the anti-grav sequel that you’ve been longing for – just with a different name.

Originally dubbed SlamJet Racing, but now going through a rebranding process to the equally bad Formula Fusion, this concept video promises explosive action, extreme speed, and a stash of ridiculous weapons better than those tucked inside James Bond’s tuxedo. The studio’s going for a more F1 focus here, which appears to build upon the slightly more grounded nature of WipEout 2048.

There’s no word on platforms or even a release date yet, with the firm stating that it created this trailer primarily to get feedback from fans. We reckon that R8 Games should show it to Sony Worldwide Studios exec Michael Denny, get the WipEout branding slapped on it, and call it a day. That would certainly be, er, something, wouldn’t it?