Destiny PS4

Are you and your fireteam struggling to see some of Destiny’s more difficult missions through? The title’s latest patch – dubbed update – promises to improve your experience on the Heroic tier in a handful of objectives, by removing a few of the uber-strong majors from the Shrine of Oryx, Sword of Crota, and Exclusion stages.

Bungie’s also been busy fixing a bug in the Vault of Glass raid, which sees those who have beaten the 14 hour mission being greeted with a controller kicking black screen. There’s no mention yet of the recently uncovered farming cave, or the secret landmass discovered overnight; we suspect that they’ll be addressed in a future patch.

In other news, a new character will be stopping off at the Tower today, in order to tempt you with some tantalising new bounties. There’ll be legendary gear up for grabs, so it may be worth a visit if you’ve already run out of things to do in the game. You’ll need to be quick, though, as the fresh arrival will only be sticking around until 8th October.

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