Lords of the Fallen PS4

Many of the PlayStation 4’s advantages over next-gen competitor the Xbox One have become common knowledge of late, but it’s worth reiterating that the system is still playing host to the best versions of most multiformat games. Lords of the Fallen is just the latest in a long line of third-party titles to run at a higher resolution on Sony’s machine, with Polish developer CI Games committing to a 1080p image on the Japanese giant’s box, compared to just 900p on Microsoft’s device.

According to creative director Tomasz Gop, this will be the only difference between the two versions – but we’re sure that the inevitable Digital Foundry comparison will put that comment to the test. For those unfamiliar with the game itself, it looks a lot like Dark Souls, providing a punishing dark fantasy world for you to plough your way through. It appears that development has gone smoothly, too, with the release already completing certification – despite it not deploying until the end of October.

[source videogamer.com]