Where does he get those toys?

The delay of Batman: Arkham Knight was a real disappointment — we hoped to be busting criminals as titular Dark Knight in 2014, rather than 2015. Publisher Warner Bros. has so far been reluctant to give us a solid release date for the title, but it would appear that Microsoft has gone ahead and done it anyway.

On Microsoft's online store, the Xbox One version of Batman: Arkham Knight is listed for release on 24th February 2015, which would mean the UK launch would probably come a few days later, on the 27th. We'd imagine that the PS4 edition will launch on the same day.

Eurogamer has approached Warner Bros. for comment, but has simply been told that "Batman Arkham Knight is due for release in 2015". Make of that what you will, and let us know your innermost thoughts by posting a comment.

[source eurogamer.net]