Witcher Landscape

We love a good gameplay demo here at Push Square. Cinematic trailers are usually enough to keep the hype flowing — especially around big events like E3 or Gamescom — but it's always the raw gameplay or developer commentary videos that grab us by the collar and demand our attention.

You've got to think that if a developer or publisher has the guts to come out and show off its release with seemingly little in the way of smoke and mirrors, it's well worth a look. After all, the creator has to be confident that the gameplay is good enough to go public, and with Polish studio CD Projekt Red, the confidence and pride surrounding The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt must be overflowing at this point, as we've been gifted a massive 37 minute look at the 2015 RPG.

If you've been keeping up with the title's recent trailers, then you'll probably have seen a lot of what's on show here, but it's exciting to see it all weave together nonetheless. As always, we reckon it looks fantastic, and the amount of detail that's present in this one chunk of footage is rather stunning. We recommend grabbing a snack and taking a comfortable seat before watching, but remember to share your thoughts on Geralt's upcoming adventure in the comments section below once you've scoffed that packet of Monster Munch.