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FuturLab’s long awaited PlayStation 4 and Vita shmup sequel Velocity 2X is set to soar onto Sony’s suite of systems on 2nd September in North America and 3rd September in Europe. The popular Brighton-based developer confirmed the date as part of a particularly emphatic post on the PlayStation Blog, tossing out a new trailer to entertain you while you wait.

The big addition to this sequel is the implementation of on-foot action, meaning that you’ll divide your time between space combat and side-scrolling platforming. This mechanic will play into the boss fights, where you’ll need to teleport into the body of enemies in order to destroy them from the inside. The studio has really stepped up its game in terms of presentation, as these sections look seriously stunning.

This has been one of our most anticipated PlayStation titles for a while, so it’s nice to see it with a release date at last. If you’re still not sure what to expect, check out our preview of the game from last year – and find out why it’s captured the attention of our entire team.

Velocity 2X PS4 2
Velocity 2X PS4 3