The Golf Club PS4

There’s been a serious lack of golf on the PlayStation 4 since launch, but Canadian developer HB Studios is aiming to put an end to that this month. Writing on its official forum, a company spokesperson noted that The Golf Club could putt a place onto Sony’s next-gen machine as soon as 26th August in North America. However, it did stress that this window is subject to change.

“There is a small possibility that the game will be released on the week of 18th August, if Sony’s able to push it through, but the more likely scenario is the week of the 25th August,” the firm explained. “Please understand that this is all predicated on the notion that the second submission goes smoothly. That being said, there is a possibility that things could change – though we all hope not!”

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In addition to some pretty impressive visuals, the swing-‘em-up’s headline feature comprises its ability to allow you to create your own courses. Do you think that this title’s going to have a clear shot at the fairway, or are you worried that it could take a tumble into the bunker? Pull out your favourite wood club in the comments section below.