A thing of beauty

You may remember a story that we ran a few days ago about a decidedly colourful PlayStation 4 with an important message. Dubbed the 'GayStation 4', this colourful custom SKU was constructed to coincide with the Stockholm Pride festival, and was planned to be auctioned off in order to raise money for Swedish charity RFSL.

Well, we're happy to report that the console was successfully sold for 28,300 Swedish Kroner, which converts to approximately £2,500, or $4,100. This means that the system gets the sizeable honour of being not only the most visually appealing PS4 currently in existence, but also the most expensive.

Let's all cross our fingers in the hopes that Sony notices the success of this delightful device, and decides to step up its game in the hardware department. Would you buy a rainbow PS4, or are you holding out for the White Destiny console? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source vg247.com]