Glacier White PS4

Sony seems to really understand the importance of hardware bundles at the moment, announcing a variety of packages for big third-party and first-party games. While many of these boast custom box art and little more, though, the firm is going the extra mile with Destiny, as it’s set to sell Bungie’s impending first-person shooter with the gorgeous Glacier White PlayStation 4. But will there be any other ways to pick up the cool custom model?

“In Europe, we will launch the bundle with Destiny on 9th September,” Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told French website Game One at E3 last month. “After that, later this year, we’re going to release the standalone white PS4 as well.” No word on a release date or price just yet – or whether the model will be available separately in the United States. Still, with the Destiny package likely to be sold in limited quantities, it’s nice to know that there will be other ways to pick up Sony’s chilly hardware SKU.

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