People really want to play Battlefield 1943... Instead of their copy of Battlefield 3.

Sometimes things go to far. And this is an example of that. Law firm Edelson McGuire has filed a class action lawsuit against EA regarding the removal of Battlefield 1943 from PS3 copies of Battlefield 3. Those with strong memories will remember the additional incentive was promised during Sony's E3 press conference back in June. But only recently we found out that the added extra was not included.

Edelson McGuire bases its case on the fact that EA made the announcement of the incentive's removal too late, and that it didn't do an adequate job of informing customers about the situation — with a hasty post on the publisher's Twitter account the only real official line on the situation.

We suppose Edelson McGuire has a reasonable case, but in reality we can't see the big fuss. Yes, on principle, we would have liked to have received our free copy of Battlefield 1943. But honestly, who wants to play the downloadable shooter when they've just splashed out on Battlefield 3 anyway? It's a dumb promotion.