Resident Evil 7

It’s hard to believe, but Resident Evil 5 released to mixed responses over five years ago. Despite that, the PlayStation 3 survival horror is still moving units, with Capcom’s latest financial report showing that the divisive title shifted around 100,000 copies in the quarter spanning April through June. Fascinatingly, over 50 per cent of the company’s software sales for the period came from digital downloads, meaning that these numbers were likely propelled by PlayStation Network promotions.

With the firm failing to ship any new retail releases during the tracked window, it’s probably a good thing that its back catalogue is faring so well. Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City both added an additional 100,000 units to their tallies, reinforcing the importance of the scary series. DmC: Devil May Cry and Dead Rising 2 also increased by similar margins, though the former hasn’t exactly set the world alight, managing just 1.6 million units since its release last year.

The company’s first major PlayStation 4 title is likely to be free-to-play dungeon crawler Deep Down, but despite the promise of a summer beta on Sony’s next-gen machine, the firm has been decidedly quiet on that front of late. There were also rumours regarding some kind of Resident Evil 7 announcement at E3 2014, but the title never materialised. Naturally, that’s bad news for fans of Leon S. Kennedy’s particularly perfect blonde bangs.

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