Ready to go again?

We were busy typing away about the rather surprising reveal of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, when suddenly, developer Volition decided to throw a slightly less shocking announcement our way.

That's right, the PlayStation 4 is getting another last-gen port, and this time, it's the wacky Saints Row IV, which now comes with the subtitle 'Re-elected'. The Saints' last outing was already a rather meaty adventure, but the next-gen edition will come with all of the previously released DLC packs, and will even use your save data to alter the aforementioned Gat out of Hell expansion. Like the newly announced download, Saints Row IV: Re-elected will be launching on the 27th January.

We suppose that Saints Row IV is a decent candidate for a PS4 port, as the title had a habit of running quite badly on Sony's older machine, but is this more of what you wanted to hear, or are you sharpening your port-puncturing pitchfork as we write this? Be the Boss in the comments section below.