PlayStation 4

Update: Sid Shuman has confirmed on NeoGAF that this was an error: "Just wanted to confirm that this was in error and the show has been corrected. Sorry for the mix up. We'll keep you posted on any news related to PS4 themes in the future."

Original article: The royal blue of the PlayStation 4’s user interface is undeniably classy, but previous Sony consoles have allowed you to pick a hue that better suits your mood. As such, we listed custom themes as one of our most requested firmware features right around the launch of the next-gen console last year – and it sounds like the platform holder may have taken heed of our feedback.

Speaking on the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast, the community team mentions that the abovementioned functionality will be made available as part of firmware update v2.00, which is the same patch reserved for Share Play among various other features. We should stress that this wasn’t mentioned in the manufacturer’s official documentation, so may just be a mistake.

The firm did say that the impending update may include a larger suite of system improvements when it eventually deploys later this year, though, and we have to assume that this is a pretty simple thing to include. Either way, don’t get too excited until we get official confirmation, as this could still end up being incorrect. Let’s hope not, though, eh?

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