Pure Pool PS4 Patch

You’ll no longer be bombarded with online notifications for pretty much the entire universe while attempting to pot that all important final ball, as Pure Pool has received a sizeable update on the PlayStation 4. We really liked the billiards simulation when we reviewed it a few weeks ago, but felt that it could do with a bit of tidying up – and that’s exactly what developer VooFoo has done.

In addition to solving many of the release’s online related issues, it’s also added a new game mode – UK 8-Ball – a brand new difficulty tier with aiming aids turned off, and made a bunch of general artificial intelligence improvements. For starters, your computer counterparts will no longer be able to work their way out of a snooker like a robot with a geometry degree, which is nice.

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You can peruse the full list of tweaks through here, and download the patch right now. Remember, if you leave your PS4 in standby mode, it should do all of the heavy lifting for you behind-the-scenes. What a clever little console, huh?

[source voofoostudios.com]