Leliana would like you to enlist

Any fan of Dragon Age: Origin's deadly rogue Leliana will no doubt be excited to hear her ask for your help in Dragon Age: Inquisition's freshly announced co-op mode, so we suppose that's a pretty effective way to begin this multiplayer focused trailer.

It's not a long one, only clocking in at about a minute and a half, but we do get a decent look at the RPG's co-op action. Revealed earlier today, the mode sees you tackling random dungeons full of beasties with up to three other players, and you'll see plenty of the character and class customisation options in this accompanying video. And yes, before you say it, we know that it's from the official Xbox YouTube channel.

Has the trailer changed your mind on a multiplayer mode? Were you even negative about it in the first place? Obsessively map out your character's progression in the comments section below.