Let's get together

It's something that's been in the rumour mill for some time now, but it's finally been confirmed that upcoming fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition is getting its very own co-op mode that's separate from the gigantic single player story.

The news comes from IGN, which got to talk to developer BioWare about the game's intriguing multiplayer offering. Describing it as something of a Diablo-esque dungeon crawl, the mode will see you and up to three other players fight side by side as you make your way through a randomly generated dungeon made up of smaller areas. This means that no matter how many times that you quest with your friends, you'll likely never see the same scenario more than once.

Much like Mass Effect 3's surprisingly brilliant co-op experience, Dragon Age's ties into the main story, as you play as custom characters and classes who are part of the all-important Inquisition. And again, much like the Canadian developer's sci-fi property, you'll be playing for in-game currency that you can then spend on treasure chests, which will contain an assortment of new gear and usable items. Sound familiar?

To top it all off, BioWare already has plans to keep things ticking after release thanks to a slew of free DLC. It all sounds rather promising — especially if the mode turns out to be as good as Mass Effect 3's addictive time sink. Is this exactly the type of co-op you'd want from Dragon Age, or are you a little bit apprehensive? Form a party in the comments section below.

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