Cops and robbers

EA's conference at Gamescom today was a little dry, to the say the least. The perennially unpopular publisher closed out its show with a brand new single player trailer for Battlefield Hardline, which you can view down below. After a hairy altercation with a particularly nasty foe, our quick witted hero Nick Mendoza finds himself attempting to escape an abandoned missile silo.

As the slightly distracting PR voice-over kindly reminds us, this game appears to have a much more varied pace than DICE's usual fast-shooting bombast. Indeed, stealth seems to play a much larger role in this title than in previous franchise outings. One section in particular, sees Mendoza simply holding up his badge and arresting his enemies.

Soon after escaping the silo, our plucky protagonist attempts to take out a target in a large military base. To our mind, this section of the demo very closely resembles Far Cry 3, except without the tigers. And as far as we're concerned, if you're going to copy Far Cry 3, it's imperative that you include the tigers.

What do you make of this demo? Does it leave you champing at the bit to play Battlefield Hardline? Reload in the comments section below.

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