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Resident Evil is set to return early next year on the PlayStation 4, as part of a re-mastered edition of the GameCube’s well regarded REmake. Rumoured earlier in the week, the title has now been officially confirmed by Capcom, and will launch early next year on both the PlayStation 3 and Sony’s next-gen machine. Unsurprisingly, the latter will run at full 1080p.

The inaugural entry in the uber-popular survival horror series first launched in 1996, but was completely remade in 2002. It’s the latter version that you’ll be playing, complete with upgraded textures and audio. You’ll be able to toggle between widescreen or classic picture ratios, as well as opt for a revised control scheme. Don’t worry tank fans, as the original inputs will be available, too.

If you want to purchase the title physically, there’ll be a retail release for the PS3 version in Japan. That’s due out later this year, and will be available in several different guises, with more details presumably set to follow over the coming months. We’ve included a few screenshots from that edition in the space below.

For those totally out of the loop, this spooky – but also unintentionally silly – affair sees you assume the role of either Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield, two S.T.A.R.S. operatives in search of the missing Bravo team. However, when the military trained twosome take refuge in an abandoned mansion, a maniacal plot unravels.

Are you looking forward to re-experiencing this classic on Sony’s current batch of consoles? Prove that you’re the master of unlocking in the comments section below.

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