The evil dead

Gamescom is mere days away at this point, and it seems that some studios are attempting to get their message out before the inevitable rush. To this end, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 parkour-'em-up Dying Light has just received a brand new trailer that shows off some garish gore.

What's more, the clip gives us a brief glimpse at the title's much touted four-player co-op mode, which will see you and your friends working together to eradicate the zombie scum. In truth, the idea of four highly trained parkour experts fighting endless swarms of the walking dead is certainly promising, but we're waiting to actually get our hands on this one before we make the call.

Most of all, though, this reporter – who hails from the land down under – is hoping that developer Techland will hire voice actors that can actually manage to properly replicate an Australian accent. Or any accent, for that matter. Indeed, if you've played any of the titles in the Dead Island franchise, you'll know that the Polish studio's track record for voice talent is abysmally bad. But at least this new game's visuals look pretty good, right?

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