"Alright, enough messing around"

Sony’s in full on hype mode ahead of its Gamescom 2014 press conference next week – it’s just a shame that it’s releasing some pretty poor promotional trailers to lead into the event. Alright, this one isn’t anywhere near as bad as this afternoon’s hypnotherapy session, but two teasers in one day is probably a little bit overkill.

Nevertheless, it allows this editor to be extremely lazy and flesh out an otherwise dull day with an easy 150 word article, so you won’t hear any more complaints from this corner of the web. This clip appears to be hinting at the strongly rumoured PlayStation 4 version of Until Dawn again, showing a dead fly [Or tooth? - Ed] being chopped to pieces by a rusty axe. Wouldn’t a standard pen knife have been more appropriate?

[source youtube.com]