Hot and steamy

Deep Down was supposed to deploy in Japan around the time of the PlayStation 4’s launch in February, but, outside of an E3 trailer, has actually been missing in action for quite a while. Many pondered whether the lack of new information was a sign of the title’s quiet cancellation, but it’s re-emerged today ahead of the Tokyo Game Show in a sizeable seven minute showcase.

While the commentary is all in Japanese, the scale of the project does appear to have increased during its time outside of the spotlight. For example, the video offers a glimpse at some new beasts, and also some temple-like environments, which make a change from the dreary tunnels that have made up much of the release’s promotional material up until now.

The video closes with a 2015 release date, so hopefully we’ll start to see much more of the dungeon crawler in the run up to the New Year. Are you still looking forward to this curious free-to-play foray, or has your interest waned due to its protracted development schedule? Stab us with a rusty rapier in the comments section below.

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