Battleborn PS4

When it’s not deliberating which platforms to put Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel out on, Gearbox Software is busy beavering away on Battleborn, a brand new first-person shooter that fuses the firm’s understanding of co-operative mechanics with the monstrously popular MOBA genre. You’ll play as one of five futuristic warriors, each tasked with offing an evil force in order to save the galaxy’s very last star. Stop us if you think that you’ve heard this one before.

“If Borderlands 2 is a shooter-looter, Battleborn is a hero-shooter," a witty Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford said in a press release. “As a genre-fused, hobby-grade, co-operative and competitive FPS exploding with eye-popping style and an imaginative universe, Battleborn is the most ambitious video game that Gearbox has ever created." As long as Tiny Tina doesn’t make a cameo, then we’re good.

In truth, aside from the free-to-play inspired art style, the debut trailer is alright – although it doesn’t reveal a whole lot about the outing’s actual gameplay, aside from the fact that there’ll be lots of computer controlled enemies and some Mirror’s Edge-esque acrobatics. The title’s officially due out before the end of March 2016, but more specific speculation points to next year. Are you intrigued or underwhelmed? Scream like a psycho in the comments section below.