"Where are you taking me now?"

If you feel like your square button hasn't been seeing enough love since you finished open world hack-'em-up Watch Dogs, never fear, as recent tweets from the title's official Twitter account suggest that it may be getting some new DLC. Intriguingly, the messages imply that the downloable extras may be set in an entirely separate city.

"Our data indicates surveillance has become more prominent in high-crime areas," the tweet read, making particular reference to the city of Camden, New Jersey. When questioned about whether this news pertains to potential extra content, the account replied by simply stating: "Coming this Fall!"

Obviously that answer is about as conclusive as the game's protagonist is interesting and unique, but we still suspect that our predictions are well founded. Indeed, it makes a lot of sense for the open world title to give us a new city to explore. We thought the main game was a lot of fun - awarding it an admirable 8/10 - so some extra missions definitely wouldn't go astray.

Would you be interested in some DLC for Watch Dogs? Are you only on-board if they promise to fix the title's terrible driving controls? Hack your way into the comments section below.

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