Watch Dogs PS4

Are you looking for an excuse to return to the seedy setting of Chicago? Don’t worry, because Ubisoft’s got your back – announcing that a new single player Watch Dogs expansion pack is scheduled to make a connection with the PlayStation Store this week. Available now in North America and later today in Europe, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 add-on will include a trio of new missions, and will also augment the already sizeable sandbox game with fresh weapons, perks, and bonuses.

The new objectives include ‘The Palace’, in which gravelly protagonist Aiden Pearce must infiltrate an Internet entrepreneur's mansion and clear it of data before a police raid, as well as ‘Signature Shot’, which sees the hero attempting to steal a biometrics rifle and imprint his genetic code on it. Lastly, there’s ‘Breakthrough’, which finds you, well, murdering a suite of suits in the Chicago South Club. Why? Well, presumably because the capped character wants to.

You’ll get the aforementioned biometrics rifle for your efforts, as well as a new burst fire pistol. New perks and bonuses include an extra DedSec Battery Boost, which will allow you to improve your smartphone’s usefulness, a Driving Master Boost, which will increase your vehicle hit points, and an ATM Hack Boost, which will increase the amount of money that you steal when using a cash machine.

Season Pass members received this content last week, but now it’s available for everyone to enjoy. The content will cost you $6.99 if you decide to purchase it on an a la carte basis, so expect it to set you back around £5.99 in the UK. Has this expansion tempted you to set up a conference call with Ubisoft’s open world epic? Return our calls in the comments section below.

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