Don't give up, it's not that hard

Punishing titles such as Dark Souls are extremely popular these days, but it seems that PlayStation Vita exclusive Freedom Wars has taken things a little too far. Despite being the biggest release on Sony’s portable platform for quite some time in Japan, early adopters are currently up in arms over the Monster Hunter-esque adventure’s outrageous difficulty.

In fact, the complaints have gotten so vocal that producer Junichi Yoshizawa has been forced to publish a statement about the problems. “It has come to my attention that the current players find the degree of difficulty to be too hard,” he wrote on the title’s official blog. “In regard to the matter, we’ll be looking at countermeasures in the next few days.”

The issues seem to start about halfway through the game, where the title’s difficulty spikes significantly. A YouTube video focusing on the flaws shows how it’s possible to get killed in a matter of seconds by lowly ground grunts, which suggests that the balance may be out of whack – especially seeing as these aren’t the big Abductor bosses that we’re referring to.

The platform holder will want to solve the problem quickly, as the title has already proven to be a big success for the publisher, selling almost 200,000 units in the Land of the Rising Sun during its first week available. It’s likely that these flaws will be fixed by the time that it deploys in the West – though Europeans may still need to import the portable hit, as the game won’t be getting a retail release in these parts.

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