We're feeling a little like the guy with rocket launchers

What’s worse than being sentenced to a lifetime in the slammer when your crime is merely being born? Well, being forced to buy the next PlayStation Vita blockbuster Freedom Wars from the PlayStation Store, of course. Sony has quietly announced on the PlayStation Blog that Japan Studio’s latest Monster Hunter-esque adventure will not score a physical edition on European shores, meaning that you’ll need to set aside some space on your overpriced memory stick.

“I appreciate that it’s not the answer that some of you want to hear, but I can confirm that Freedom Wars will be a digital-only release in SCEE [regions],” blog manager Fred Dutton told inquisitive fans via the platform holder’s primary communications channel. Fortunately, this disappointing tidbit will not be mirrored overseas, as associate project manager Nick Accordino has revealed that the title will deploy both physically and digitally in North America. Thank heavens for common sense.

While the manufacturer’s mind seems all but made up, we will stress that – incredibly – Gravity Rush was once billed as a digital exclusive in Europe, but the firm eventually caved to the pressure of rabid fans. So, while we don’t recommend turning up at the Japanese giant’s London offices with pitchforks in hand, you may want to apply a little pressure on the organisation if you really want to purchase its next big export in a box.

[source blog.eu.playstation.com, via blog.us.playstation.com]