When we decided that we were going to post regular ‘Out This Week’ articles on Push Square, we knew that we were going to come unstuck eventually – and it’s finally happened. Outside of any last minute announcements, there are just three new titles currently confirmed for the three PlayStation platforms this time, which, while positive news for our band of overworked reviewers, means that there’s not a lot to get excited about in this article. Sorry about that.

Pick of the Week: Crimsonland

You know that you’ve fallen on hard times when an isometric shooter is the ‘Pick of the Week’, but Crimsonland does look entertaining. The game that gave indie outfit 10tons its start, this is a refreshed high-definition upgrade, with the spirit of the original still very much intact. A fairly simplistic title to describe, you play as a soldier tasked with offing a variety of aliens, spiders, and zombies. It sounds like the kind of game that a rebellious high school student would dream up.

The real appeal is the way that it all feels; you’ll be able to clear the screen of enemies using seriously overpowered special moves. There are over 30 weapons to unlock and 55 perks, as well as a 60 mission campaign and support for up to four players in local co-op. Alright, it’s not exactly the hottest looking PlayStation 4 game ever, but sometimes a bit of mindless blasting is just what the doctor ordered.

PS4 | 15th July [US], 16th July [EU]

Abyss Odyssey

Everything Else

Abyss Odyssey
PS3 | 15th July [US], 16th July [EU]

One Piece: Unlimited World Red
Vita | 15th July [US]

If you’re looking for something to play, and are not happy with these slim pickings, then it’s also worth pointing out that the Destiny beta is due out this week. You’ll need a valid pre-order in order to obtain access, but, hey, you were going to buy it anyway, right?

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  2. Crimsonland11%
  3. One Piece: Unlimited World Red89%

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