For DOOMhammer

If the summer drought is getting you down, never fear, as twin-stick shooter Crimsonland has recently been announced for release on the PlayStation 4 very soon. The title will bring intense arcade action to Sony's super system on 16th July in America, and 15th July in Europe. Before we talk about the actual game, though, we think it's only fitting to take a moment of silence to honour the shooter's absurdly dramatic concept art.

Right, now that's done, we must also unfortunately mention that the actual screenshots of the game don't live up to the DOOM-inspired image. Hopefully, the outlandish outing's purportedly diverse gameplay will be able to elevate the experience. According to a recent PlayStation blog post, the shooter features a sixty mission campaign, as well as thirty distinct weapons and fifty five perks. Oh, and co-op play, if you're into purging alien scum with a few friends in tow.

Do you like the look of Crimsonland, or are twin-stick shooters not your bag? Will you be picking it up when it drops in a few weeks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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