We're not kidding, Ken

Remember when Ken Levine inadvertently popped up at the PS Vita's official reveal event? A now famous moment, the luminary sidled onstage and suggested a game in the BioShock universe was in development for the hot new handheld. Unfortunately, a recent statement on Twitter from the auteur has revealed that, as with the ill-fated cities synonymous with the popular franchise, the portable outing is probably destined for ruin.

"On the Vita game: 2K and Sony couldn't put a deal together, when I last checked. They seemed way more optimistic about this back in 2011," he said. "Wish I could do it myself, but lawyers and all that. I still love my Vita." Not content to simply crush everyone's dreams, however, Levine also felt the need to describe how the game might have actually looked and played.

"I was thinking a Final Fantasy Tactics style thing set in pre-fall Rapture." Levine continued. "Something that would work well on the Vita and not be a compromise in any way." The director always implied that the handheld version wouldn't necessarily have stuck to the series' signature shooting, so these comments aren't entirely unexpected.

What is unexpected, though, is how excited we now are for a game that'll almost certainly never exist. Would you have played a tactical BioShock game on that Vita, or does the franchise's metaphysical mumbo-jumbo put you off? Give a toast to Andrew Ryan in the comments section below.

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