We don't like those odds

Many of us play video games, but very few of us can fully appreciate just how harsh the business surrounding our hobby can be. As it turns out, releasing a piece of interactive entertainment is an incredibly risky gambit, and in a recent interview, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida revealed just how dicey the industry can get.

"We look at our financial results of the titles, and probably three or four out of ten make money, and maybe one or two make all the money to cover the cost of the others titles," Yoshida said. "So we have to be able to maintain that hit ratio at a certain level to be able to continue in the business, so we always try to find out and support and help grow the talent."

While this statistic is certainly a teensy bit worrying, after selling a PlayStation 4 to just about every living human, we don’t suspect that the firm will be too concerned. In truth, the fact that the Japanese giant is committed to pursuing the titles that it believes are genuinely interesting is incredibly heartening. It’s this dedication to new and unique ideas that attracted many of us to the company in the first place.

Does this news have you worried, or are you happy to kick back and enjoy the spectacle? Give us some intense statistical analysis in the comments section below.

[source dualshockers.com]