A brutal grave

If you're one of the many gamers drifting their way through the town of Salem in the recently released Murdered: Soul Suspect, the news that the title's developer Airtight Games has closed its doors may send you to an early grave. Just one month after release, the rumoured closure of the firm has been confirmed by numerous news outlets, which, after visiting its offices, found its workspace for sale and all of its equipment up for auction.

The only remains of the independent outfit are a mass of ribbons and awards that its otherworldly adventure received over the past year. While executives have yet to step up and give the official reason for the closure, the gaming community is creating more gossip than a bunch of high school girls. With everything from scathing reviews to dogs eating its official paperwork to blame, we're going to make a cuppa and hold tight for an official statement. Do you think that the studio has met an untimely end, or was this premeditated? Leave your investigation notes in the comments section below.

[source geekwire.com]