Mirror's Edge PS4

The original Mirror’s Edge worked incredibly hard to put you in free-runner Faith’s shoes, employing numerous animations to make you feel like you were sprinting across rooftops and balancing on narrow beams. This level of first-person immersion seems like a perfect fit for virtual reality, with Project Morpheus presumably set to release right around the same time as hotly anticipated sequel Mirror’s Edge 2. Alas, is developer DICE even considering including support for the popular PlayStation 4 peripheral?

“Everyone says, you should just add it to Mirror's Edge,” studio gaffer Karl-Magnus Troedsson told Eurogamer.net, adding that in reality the feature is likely to cause players to projectile vomit like that man out of Monty Python. “There's a guy who did it and he says it himself: after a while this is a bit overwhelming. You have vertigo and first-person movement. How many people of the population out there wouldn't throw up when they played that?”

Nevertheless, the studio does have small teams working on virtual reality, and there’s a chance that the company could incorporate the functionality for those at least brave enough to try it. “Naturally it would be great if we could have that support for Mirror's Edge, but it would never become a mass market thing,” he concluded. “Well, I can't see that now at least. Would it be cool? Absolutely! Do I want to play it? Yes! Maybe for five minutes at a time!” We sense that a new generation of drinking games are right around the corner.

[source eurogamer.net]