Warriors Orochi Battle

This year has already been a memorable one for fans of Koei's Warriors games. Dynasty Warriors has made its debut on Sony's new console, while Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn has blasted onto store shelves this very day. And as if Samurai Warriors 4 slashing its way onto all of the Japanese giant's consoles in October wasn't enough icing on the cake, you'll be delighted to know that Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is making the next-gen jump in the month before its feudal brother launches.

Orochi and his demonic army are marching into battle on September 5th in Europe, and September 2nd in North America. The title is poised to be the definitive edition of Warriors Orochi 3, which released on the PlayStation 3 back in 2011. Are you burnt out on musou games, or are you just getting started? Speak with forked tongues in the comments section below.

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