Samurai Warriors 4 Koro

Last month, publisher Tecmo Koei announced that Samurai Warriors 4 would be marching West this Autumn, and that it'd arrive not only on the PlayStation 3, but the PlayStation 4 and Vita as well. And today, the company has stuck a spear in a more precise release date, as the sequel is now slated for the 24th October in Europe, and the 21st October in North America.

The series' fourth instalment adds in several new playable characters, a few fresh game modes, and makes some relatively major tweaks to the combat system. It also marks the franchise's return to Sony consoles in the West — the series has been missing out on overseas PlayStation platforms since the PS2 era. Have you been waiting for this distant old friend to make a glorious return? Check out the title's rather dramatic opening movie that we've embedded, and declare war on your family members in the comments section below.