"What am I even doing here?"

THQ’s ill-fated first-person franchise Homefront looks set to be making a comeback after all, as box art for a release named Homefront: The Revolution has been spotted on a Swedish retailer’s website. While the listing has since been pulled, the title is purportedly due out in 2015, and is being published by Deep Silver.

Those of you with outrageously long memories may recall that the series was passed to ex-Timesplitters developer Crytek UK following the closure of creator Kaos Studios. It’s safe to assume that it will take advantage of its parent company’s CryEngine technology, meaning that this will likely be a looker.

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One thing’s for sure: the box art is anything but attractive. Judging by the flag in the background, it will continue with the original game’s fictional Greater Korean Republic motif. There’s no word on a PlayStation 3 release just yet, so this could be exclusive to next-gen formats, which would bode well for its technical chops.

Still, we can’t help but ponder whether this is a sequel that anyone actually wants. The original game was perfectly serviceable, but we had to refer to Wikipedia to regurgitate the brief plot synopsis above. Proposed publisher Deep Silver is planning to reveal two new titles at E3 next week, so we guess that we'll get a proper glimpse at this imminently.

Update: And the game has now been officially announced.

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