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While it’s always exciting to see trademarks leak out ahead of big conventions, it almost always culminates in some exaggerated expectations. Entwined is one such title that’s fallen to the E3 2014 hype machine, as many were expecting it to be Sony’s next big PlayStation 4 blockbuster – and perhaps not a cross-platform downloadable game.

Alas, that’s what it appears to be judging by the release’s roster of Trophies, which have leaked online earlier today. The game boasts a total of 14 trinkets, many of which reward you for living through multiple ‘lifetimes’. There’s also mention of an evolved dragon, a Story Mode, and a Challenge Mode, so make of that what you will.

Judging by the Trophy information, the title will deploy on the PS4, PS3, and Vita, with a release date presumably imminent if the title is already in the platform holder’s database. You can peruse the full roster of virtual pots through here, but do feel free to check back and speculate about the release in the comments section below.

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