"Welcome to E3"

Confirmed to have a presence at E3 next week, it looks like we're getting something of a sneak peek at Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor thanks to this newest video, dubbed the 'E3 CG trailer'. As the title suggests, there's no gameplay to be found here, just a bit of plot exposure and some incredibly clichéd dialogue.

Nevertheless, it's a decent way to drum up some hype for the release's inevitable showing in Los Angeles, be it on the show floor or at one of the main pressers. Plus, we've already had a good look at how the game plays thanks to two rather impressive videos, so do check them out if you haven't already. Could this finally be the title that Tolkien's work deserves, or does it look as foul as the orcs who inhabit it? Tell us if hating orcs is actually racism in the comments section below.