Toil and trouble

Assassin’s Creed: Unity has been privy to the vaguest of unveilings thus far, but already publisher Ubisoft is plotting the PlayStation 4 title’s first expansion pack. In fairness to the French firm, it probably didn’t intend for this information to leak. Moreover, this appears to be a simple pre-order bonus rather than anything significant – but you can be sure that post-release packs are also in the pipeline.

The tidbit was spotted as part of a poster at North American retailer GameStop, which explains that pre-orders will be rewarded with the ‘Chemical Revolution Mission’. While it’s hard to make out the artwork, some theories suggest that the character in the picture is Antoine Lavoisier, an 18th century scientist widely regarded as the “Father of Modern Chemistry”. Expect an official announcement to be added to the E3 broth next week.

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