Have you gun mad?

If you’re the kind of Killzone: Mercenary competitor that can complete a public multiplayer match without biting the dust, Sony needs your services for future Botzone Training programmes. In a case of unprecedented post-release support, the platform holder is planning to update its name database for the recently released PlayStation Vita exclusive’s offline add-on – and it wants you to compete for your alias to appear.

All you need to do to be in the running is register your PlayStation Network profile and a handful of inoffensive usernames via this website before 9th May at 08:00AM PDT. From that point on, for a full week, you’ll then need to play as many multiplayer matches as you can, scoring as many kills, headshots, rescues, interrogations, and more as possible. The top five registered players in each category will get one of their chosen names in the game.

Unfortunately, this competition is limited to North America, Argentina, Chile, and Mexico right now, but if you reside in one of those regions, you may want to get practicing. Do you think that you’ve got what it takes to appear as a simulation in Sony’s flagship portable first-person shooter? Fire off in the comments section below.

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