Killzone Mercenary Bot

One title that we suspect will be added to the PlayStation Plus instant game collection roster in the future, Killzone: Mercenary, is being patched up with a botzone software update.

The portable shooter should now allow you to go toe to toe with up to seven computer controlled players, and you'll be able to switch up the teams however you want. Sporting the franchise's trademark impressive artificial intelligence, the botzone promises to be a great way to get your bearings before you take the fight online. It's also worth mentioning that the game's multiplayer Trophies are up for grabs in the new mode, too, should you be worried about a lack of online activity down the line.

Coming in at 23MB, the patch fixes up some collision issues with multiplayer maps as well. Keep in mind, though, that this download will set you back a whopping 549MB if you haven't been keeping the software up to date thus far – maybe it's time to pony up for that 64GB memory card?

However, despite all the good that the update does, you'll need to purchase the Botzone Soldier Training Pack from the PlayStation Store before you can make use of it. Whether or not this content will be free is unclear, but judging by the wording on the PlayStation Blog, we wouldn't get your hopes up. Would the addition of bots have you locking and loading for another blood soaked trip back into the handheld shooter? Radio for bot backup in the comments section below.