"Off they come"

If there’s one unspoken issue consistent across virtually all PlayStation Vita ports, it’s that the audio is often horribly compressed. It’s a problem that we pointed out in our recent review of The Sly Trilogy, which is a pixel perfect conversion of Sanzaru Games’ platforming compilation from a visual perspective – but sounds like a late 90s podcast when the protagonist opens his mouth.

Considering the effort that XSEED has put into recording new English dialogue for stripping simulation Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed, it would be a shame for it to fall to the same fate – but a report on Siliconera reveals that the portable release will actually ship on an 8GB card. As far as we’re aware, this will be a first for the format, which has previously been limited to 4GB games.

Of course, that’s not necessarily good news for people that want to purchase this digitally, but it’s going to benefit the overall quality of the product. For starters, the title has over 10,000 lines of speech – more than any other XSEED localisation in history. The release was recorded over 16 days, and is absolutely packed to the brim with anime culture jokes – and even some nerdy Western references that the studio snuck in.

However, that’s not the only change that the company’s made, as it’s also squeezed in some suggestive male portraits for you to use on your in-game cell phone. The original edition only included females, but in order to appeal to a wider audience, the developer has decided to throw some masculinity into the mix. “Acquire didn't skimp on the details,” it teased on Twitter. “This is true equal representation.”

The game itself sees you strolling around an authentic replica of Akihabara, Tokyo’s technology district. It’s here that you’ll need to expose vampiric enemies known as Synthisters, and strip them of their clothes in order to dispose of them once and for all. The beat-‘em-up’s set to bare all this summer, with a PlayStation 4 version also probable down the line.

Does this news make you want to take off your pants and jacket? Are you looking forward to making contact with your inner otaku? Give us a twirl in the comments section below.

Update: The pipedream is over. Siliconera has updated its original article, stressing that the game will actually ship on a 4GB card, after all. Compressed audio here we come...

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