Kaz Hirai Playstation 4

The PlayStation 4 is many things: a video game console, a massive cash-cow, a convenient broadcasting device, and, most importantly of all, a Resogun machine. However, it seems that Sony is also hoping that its super system will serve as a convenient jumping off point for its broader business strategies.

Speaking at a recent press event, Big Boss Kaz Hirai stressed the importance of the PS4 in the company's networking plans. "The biggest driver for our network business will be the PlayStation 4," he said. "The network is becoming increasingly important for our other businesses, too. Our TVs have video-on-demand and Music Unlimited. PlayStation Now will be launched on Bravia TVs next."

Indeed, the platform holder has been pushing the Music and Movie Unlimited services on its consoles for quite some time, and with the recent announcement of game streaming service PlayStation Now, the Japanese giant has essentially completed the media trifecta. All it has to do now is locate the Holy Grail, and then begin finalising its plans for world domination.

Have you been making use of the PS4's network capabilities? Do you think that the huge success of the system will allow Sony to expand in this area? Give us some armchair analysis in the comments section below.

[source reuters.com]