Feeling twitchy?

Sony may have glossed over the announcement during its GamesCom 2013 press conference last week, but Twitch is totally coming to the PlayStation 4. The popular streaming service – which many had assumed had been locked up by Microsoft – will allow you to broadcast gameplay to a growing online fanbase, all with a tap of the multipurpose share button.

Chatting with Engadget, vice president of marketing Matthew DiPietro explained that the functionality will likely be available on “day one” for Sony’s next generation machine. It’ll join Ustream, and will provide you with access to popular features such as picture-in-picture and audio capture.

It’s not yet clear whether the service will be locked behind the PlayStation Plus paywall, but considering the Japanese giant’s stance on this in other areas, we’re going to suggest that it’s unlikely. Either way, if the lack of Twitch was a real kick in the teeth for you at E3, hopefully you (and your followers) can rest easy now.

[source engadget.com]