X-rated action

Production budgets may be shaking all of the creativity out of big boxed releases, but at least Japan hasn’t forgotten what it takes to make a weird and wonderful game. As previously teased, Akiba’s Trip 2 is making its way to the PlayStation 4 in Japan later this year – and that means that you’ll be able to strip Synthisters in full 1080p.

The brawler – which is due out on both the PlayStation 3 and Vita in Western territories soon – is set in Japan’s famous Akihabara district, and sees you using a supercharged smartphone in order to uncover evil vampiric foes who are sucking the life out of the region’s otakus. Fortunately, they’re susceptible to sunlight – and so that’s why you need to remove their clothes.

In addition to enhanced visuals, this bonkers re-release will boast faster loading times, more populated pathways, and interactive streaming features similar to Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition. Of course, whether you want people to know that you strip virtual strangers in your spare time remains to be seen...

[source destructoid.com]